About us

Creston Hills Consulting is a locally owned technology consulting firm focused on the specific needs of California's Central Coast region. We specialize in technology footprint and communication solutions for Vitners, Agriculture based retailers and local contracting companies. Our team has a wide range of skills and over 20 years of experience in the industry. We'd love to serve you!

Our Services


We offer various industry standard secure network solutions for small to medium sized business including Virtual Private Networking (VPN), routing/switching single and multi-wan designs. In addition we offer customized solutions for the Wine industry including directional wireless for site wide coverage, point of sale and small datacenter/data-closet footprint design/build. We work with many well known vendors such as Cisco, VMware etc. We also have production ready open source solutions that will be easier on the pocket book as well. We've built large and small networks on hardware, in software and cloud/hybrid deployments. We'd love to build one for you as well!

Monitoring & Maintenance

Business today relies on the network the same as it does water and power, it is a utility. We have enterprise monitoring solutions that will monitor your entire environment (Network, Storage, Compute, Operating systems and applications) to ensure your campus stays up and running. We have custom alerting based on your business needs and onsite services in the event of an outage. We'll keep your environment up so you can focus on your business.

Security & Compliance

We come from the financial arena where PCI, state and federal regulations dictate much of how you build environments and applications, Where the consequences of a poor decision can and usually do make national news. We've had over 20 years building, securing, penetration testing and reporting on these types of environments to C level executives, investors and business owners. We're well versed in business continuity in the technical arena as well as business process. Let us help you pass your next audit with flying colors and ensure your network is free of unwanted intruders and trash.